A Bit About Me

People say I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I make them relax!  That's nice to know and it's definitely what I set out to do!  It's the only way to get natural photographs.

"Jan, thank you so much for this morning.  You were great with the twins and it felt really comfortable having you here.  Thank you for being so patient too!"  Naomi and Ronan 

I adore new babies.  I have four sons and now adorable grandchildren and am never without a camera in my hand when they are around! 
It's the little things that fade so fast in your memories and it is so hard to remember how tiny new babies are!    

When you look back on the photographs all those lovely memories of your babies come flooding back and you fall in love all over again!

"Jan, the pictures are amazing!  Thank you so much! They are perfect, we love them!" Helen and Adam

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