How to Take Photos of Your New Baby - Getting the Light Right is a Very Good Place to Start

Anne Geddes introduced newborn photography to all! 
Her images became world famous.  I have to admit to owning one of her books which I bought in 2011 - actually I can't believe it was that long ago ...... gosh, where did that time go?

Although my baby photography is completely different the book helped me understand how you need to capture the innocence and uniqueness of each tiny baby.

I'm not suggesting you buy her books or indeed any others, as nowadays you can find all kinds of help and inspiration online to help you capture memorable pictures of your baby.

And that's where hopefully I can help you :)

There's no need to make it difficult for yourself - keep it simple
And there's no need to go out and pay a fortune for a camera either if you get the light right it's a very good place to start!

Lighting used for this image:

  • I wore white - I do for most portrait shoots, not just babies because it helps to reflect light back on to subject.
  • Window light from a glass door was used.  If the sun is shining fiercely through the window, put up a piece of net curtaining to give a softer light.
  • Lay baby on a white blanket or sheet so that it reflects the light and erases most of the shadows.  Mostly I use a bean bag covered in a white fleecy blanket for newborn babies.
  • Kneel with your back to the window, trying not to block too much of the light, and baby will be bathed in light giving a soft and perfect image.
  • If you find you still need more light, ask Mum/Dad to hold up a white sheet opposite the window to reflect light back on to baby.
Need help with your baby photography?  Have any questions or queries?
Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Remember - Authentic - Honest - Real - your baby just as you remember him/her.