Oh my word ........

You see that's just what I'm saying all the time ...... time, where does it go?

My last post in October!  Christmas came and went and the New Year brought many maternity, family and baby shoots and, it seems, no time for my baby blog :( 

Well here I am! 

To begin, as I have once again been asked to take a newborn baby with its dear little head in it's hands, I thought I'd explain why I don't do that shot!

Authentic, honest and real is what I am and what my newborn baby photography is, which means........

not a copy, your images will be genuine and unique, as is your baby :)

capturing your baby as your baby is, if your baby naturally holds her/his head in hands then we'll do it!  Really?  Are you sure?
The image below is as close as it gets!
No artificial poses, just real time poses.

Oh my word ..... your baby is adorable, unique, authentic, honest and real.  Those are the images you'll receive when you allow me the privilege of working with you and your baby.

Any questions?  Feel free to comment or E mail me, I'd love to hear from you.

See you soon ...