Oh So Special - Just Take the Picture

Forgive me for sharing something a little personal today ....

but I read this very beautiful poem and really wanted to share it.


Sometimes I really do wonder,
Why they are called grand?

Then I know A Loving Grandmother
Can always fully understand.
You get that important phone call
You have waited for so long,
Excitement really kicks in, 
As you arrive and rush down the hall.
You see that precious baby, 
Gender really doesn't matter at all.
It brings back many memories
Of when your children were so small.
You congratulate the parents, 
As you see mother and baby are o.k.,
You know without a doubt, 
This was done in own God's way.
Many sacrifices made along the way, 
Are very much worthwhile, 
When you see that sweet little face,
And that bright cheery smile.
Time passes quickly as they grow and grow,
Then comes their future, rushing to and fro,

They will always be our babies,
If anyone should ask,
They are all very special,
From the first one to the last!!!!

Be sure to cherish these oh so special moments, take the picture, as many as you can ... it doesn't matter if the light isn't right, just do it!
However, with a little planning it's easy to get it right :)