How Fast the Time Goes ... If You Have Kids I'm Sure You Understand

So one of my promises to you was that I'd give you some newborn photography tips.

Believe me 

I haven't forgotten, I promise you.  Life has been a little hectic with lots of photos to edit, a few days off with family over the Easter holidays and there you have it April is over and we're way in to May already!

Today's Top Tip

Put baby a small distance from the window and let the window light do the work for you.

Beautiful natural light.  Easy to do.  No technical stuff here!
how to photograph your newborn baby
This little baby was in Grandma's arms.  I asked Grandma to turn slightly towards the window.  Hey presto!  Beautiful light and without disturbing baby's sleep.

Be ready to take that shot

Remember always keep that camera or iPhone ready.

How fast the time goes.  If you have kids I'm sure you understand that only too well.  So no excuses for my absence, just a reason and I promise to come back soon with more tips.

Thanks for visiting.  Remember there are more helpful tips here too!