Top Tip - Be Prepared Always

I think if you're kind enough to be following this blog, it wouldn't be wrong for me to say you are patiently waiting for some tips on getting some great pics of your newborn baby?

So, moving on from my last blog post I'm going to start with something simple.

Spontaneity is the key

What I mean by that is:
Do you have that camera ready?
Or even your iPhone to hand?
Be ready to grab that shot.
How very sad it would be to miss these all important pictures ....

I captured this Great Grandma and her newborn Great Grandchild at a wedding, it wasn't part of our brief.  I am always on the look out for these moments.  You should be too! :)

Get to know your kit!

By the way if you're not too familiar with your camera or iPhone, do it now.  Take time to familiarise yourself so that you can just pick it up and click ... moment captured ... memory forever.

If you are serious about taking memorable photographs, my top tip is
  be prepared always.