Rinse and Repeat

A business lunch with a friend and some real heart to heart and in depth business conversations brought me to the conclusion.

More baby portraits

I have been so busy with weddings that my baby portraits have taken a back seat.  It wasn't until these conversations with Clare that this came to light!  A great business coach by the way as well as a Virtual Assistant. 


Consequently a relaunch of my baby portrait business is under way.  

In the early stages yet and slowly, slowly does it.  I want to get it right.  
For now,  I am doing a lot of thinking and rejigging. 

The best part so far is looking back at all the gorgeous squidgy babies I have had the privilege to photograph.
Oh yes I have missed this business.

So, apparently as they say in the trade, 'rinse and repeat' in other words 'take another look rethink and rejig' well that's how I see it anyway!

Please pop over and visit my baby website  instagram and Facebook page. 

As I say still in the early stages but would be lovely if you could take the time to comment.

New for you:

  • I will be sharing hints and tips on doing your own baby photography too. In the meantime if you would like some tips you could visit this page for some help on 'how to photograph your baby' 
  • Brand new offers
  • Baby shoots with a little tuition for you to take photos too
  • Help sheets for you to download and print
All in the planning stages, but I so want to get this right to give you the best advice and help I can.

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope to see you again very soon.  Jan x