I Now Have Lovely Photos to Treasure

We just made it!

We only just got the maternity shoot in before this little fellow decided to make his grand entrance into the world, three and a half weeks early!  

Well, not so little!  Mummy needed a little time to recover and get into a routine with him and big brother so we delayed the newborn shoot until everyone was relaxed and ready.

Well actually baby wasn't quite ready.  He decided he needed a feed so we chilled, and chatted while he topped himself up and then we were ready to go.  

Nope ... baby still not ready - in one end - out the other!  

Wow what beautiful eyes you have...

After a nappy change, which actually baby wasn't that keen on :( we settled him and carried on. He even opened his eyes for us!  Thank goodness he did because they are beautiful!

What fabulous hair too!

And his lovely mum sent me this email
“The photos are lovely and I am really going to struggle as to which ones to choose!  

I don't usually like photos taken of me but you really put me at ease and I now have lovely photos to treasure :)”

I love my job!  I am very lucky!
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