Life Doesn't Get More Real

Home at last with that cute little bundle of gorgeousness!

Life doesn't get more real than when you have a newborn baby in the house!

So, I know that you won't want to disturb that cute little bundle for a photoshoot!

All the same it is sad not to record this tiny human being that is now part of your family and, believe me, won't stay that small for long!

So to put your mind at rest - when your baby is asleep I won't disturb!

I am a Mum of four boys and now have grandchildren and I know only too well the importance of a new mum having some quiet time.  Days are filled with feeds and dirty nappies and when baby is asleep, a photographer waking baby up by stripping them of clothes is the last thing you need!

Just leave your baby to sleep!
Newborn baby photographer in the New Forest
Newborn Baby Photography
This baby boy did just that.  All we did was move his cot into some natural light!  What a little sweetheart.

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