I Don't Normally do Naked Photos

If you'd like them, I'll do them ...but I don't, as a rule, do naked baby photos.  
 And when I arrived at this lovely mum's house, she said 'do you do naked baby photos'?  My reply was 'only if you want them'
'oh thank goodness for that' she said 'my mum and I were talking about it and were hoping that you didn't!"

And what's more she said 'I don't think my little girl will be best impressed with a large photograph on the wall of her naked self!'  
Well maybe she has a point!

So there you have it, your baby, your photographs and I will take the pictures you want.  I have been known to take naked babies but please ensure you have plenty of blankets for in between shots.

So always very happy client, very happy baby and very happy photographer!

Newborn Baby Photos by Jan