An Instant of Life

I absolutely love quotes.  
Sometimes their meaning really brings things home to you and makes you stop and think.

When I read this quote by Brigitte Bardot it genuinely stopped me in my stride and made me sit up and say 'so where are those prints you promised yourself,  where are the photos you vowed to put on the wall, those photos that never cease looking back at you and make you smile'?  

'A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you'

My grandchildren at different stages of their lives, and to be perfectly honest, all their photos make me smile. 
Children grow up fast.  
Make sure you take many photos at different stages of their life. Don't leave them on your computer, external hard drive or in cloud!

There's nothing quite like prints on the wall to make you smile every day.

I know, life, work balance is difficult enough without making time to take photos!

Let me help. 

Portrait shoots don't take long - an hour at most - and we can go outdoors for a stress free shoot where your kids can relax and play.

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