How Will You and Your Family Remember?

From day to day your newborn changes from tiny baby who feeds and sleeps, to a little giggling chubby bundle of joy ...................
new baby boy sleeping boy sleeping

cute chubby baby legs and tiny toes
Chubby legs and sweet little toes

Photographs are beautiful and can be handed down from generation to generation.

Where are your photographs?

In the drawer on a CD perhaps?  On your computer, maybe?

Oh, still on your camera!  :)

Modern technology changes rapidly - yes, store those pics on your computer or store them in the drawer on a CD but get your favourite images in prints on professional archival paper!

Be sure that future generations will be able to see what their, mums, dads, grandparents looked like.

Prior to that and most importantly be sure you have something to show the boyfriends and girlfriends (you know the sort of thing, the one where he was sucking his thumb)!!!

How will you and your family remember?

Photos by Jan

Newborn and baby portrait prices start from £45 please email me for details.