Don't Try This at Home Keep Your Baby Safe

Recently a client asked whether I would be photographing her newborn baby without clothes on.   She was very relieved when I said 'only if you want me to!'!  This is for you to decide not me!

I have also been asked the question several times:

"How do they get a baby to rest his chin on his hands for photos, when I try it my baby's head falls off his hands!"

Please don't try this at home! 

Your newborn baby, of course, cannot hold his/her head up!

There are concerns shared by many about the safety of your baby when partaking in these cute little squished up cheeky faced baby photoshoots!

There needs to be two adults involved in the shoot, one to hold baby's head on hands and one to take photographs!  And finally someone needs to be incredibly good at photoshop to erase the hand from the image!    
All professional baby photographers, of course, will be able to do that, however, you must realise if you are going for that cute chin in hands kind of shoot, baby should be newborn or under two weeks old.  

This shoot can take from four hours to a day!  Hence, the price in time and cost of shoot and post-production can be steep!  

Everyone has to work around baby’s schedule of feeds and nappy changes. Baby has to be fast asleep, very still and almost impossible to disturb with any amount of handling! 

If you are concerned at all about these shoots or are very keen to have one and want to know more, please feel free to contact me for a chat!

In short, I will photograph your baby, your way. 

You can rest assured I will always ensure you are both comfortable throughout the whole experience.  And the minute your baby looks disturbed I stop shooting!
Newborn baby yawning

 Dads often get left out so I thought I would feature a couple of proud dads with their new baby 

Dad and new baby photograph
Newborn baby boy, still in the hospital for this shot!
Dad and his baby
New baby girl, six weeks old and at home for this shot!
Photography by Jan

Drop Jan an email now for details of her newborn shoots.