I have twin girls and no time .......

I always have a story to tell and I think there will be a lot of new mums who will relate to this one!  

I was telephoned one day by a lady who had given birth to twins, not right that very moment, of course, but several months before!
'I've been so busy since the twins were born I haven't had the time to take any photos of them and they are growing so quickly - please help!'
She was beside herself as she felt time had flown and they were now sitting up and still no pictures!  

She went on to say 'I can't bear the thought of having to get the girls and everything together to bring them to a studio'  

Experienced as a mum and nana,  I, of course, understood only too well how this lady felt and for that reason, for some time now, I have set myself up as a mobile baby studio as well as having a studio at home!

'Oh thank goodness'  this busy new mum said 'when can you come?'

We organised a date and the new parents of twin girls got their long awaited pictures of their adorable little girls

newborn baby photographer who will pick up her props and come to you!  That's me!

So, if you are up to your eyes in nappies and feeds it really doesn't matter to a baby photographer with mobile studio!  I will work around you and the nappies and feeds - it takes just a few minutes to get the all too important photos!

BOOK NOW don't lose any more time - get those photos!

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