Can I really be expecting twins

It's a life changing moment to find out you are a expecting a baby - but when you discover it's twins - whew - the initial reaction can be shock, horror!   How do you cope with two babies?  Two of everything and how on earth do you feed two babies at the same time?

Well there is always help at hand - you are not alone!

Twins UK has loads of information, including a members club.

Tales of a Twin Mum a great blog from a mum who has twin boys (you may remember I mentioned her before on a previous blog and a maternity photograph of her and hubby when they were expecting their twin boys is on my baby photography website!

Down to earth and a great read!  If you already have twins you will definitely relate to her tales!

I am sure she has a lot more tales now as she has a baby girl too who I have also had the pleasure of photographing!

And I can't let a blog go without a picture or two of some adorable twins that I have had the privilege to photograph, all of whom have behaved impeccably!

Are you expecting twins?  See below for a very special offer!
Twins - a boy and a girl!
Twin boys!
Twin girls!

All you need to do is book your shoot - the date can be changed if babies decide to arrive early or late, as they very often do! :)


  1. Hi Jan

    Cute photos. My wife is pregnant and I wanted to print this photo '"

    Could you kindly approve 1 print please?

    Thanks very much in advance.


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