Maternity Photography on location or in the studio...

The question is maternity photography in the Studio or on location?

It’s a personal thing really. 

I met up with a couple at a Hotel in The New Forest prior to their maternity shoot, just really to have a cuppa, get them to relax and find out if they had any particular shots in mind?  

It was their first baby and they were both soooo excited and lovey dovey too!  Magic to my eyes!  Mummy-to-be said she really wanted studio pics without much in the background. 

My answer to her was with the right settings on a professional camera and the correct lens we could get photos just like a studio image but we could also get some photos with the gorgeous New Forest backdrops too!  

With that she was very happy and there the fun began!

It has to be said that this young pregnant mummy had some very clear ideas as to what she wanted!  That was fine by me as it meant that I had a very clear brief and then I could also put in a few surprises, which by the way she loved!
The first image was a request!  Many couples ask for this one!


  1. Hi Jan,
    Hope you don't mind a little praise from a guy who LOVES the maternity pics above!!! I must say that the two in the middle are my favorites! They have to be two of the most BEAUTIFUL baby bellies I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ah, thank you kind sir! This was a beautiful shoot with a very special couple.


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