Newborn Baby Photography - do not disturb

I have said many times that my newborn baby photography is very much a 'do not disturb' photo session.

If baby is asleep I will do everything in my power not to wake her/him up!

I know only too well how precious a new mum's peace is and how little she gets when a new baby is brought into her home!

I will work together with mum, and dad if he is around, and get the photos you want, whether it be sleepy, awake or a 
little boutique photography with props etc.

With all that in mind, if you want a newborn sleepy baby shoot then ideally the shoot should take place when baby is between 5-10 days old.  After that they become more alert and a little wriggly!  We still get great photos but just be aware that we won't get chance to capture the sleepy images as easily!

Whatever you decide remember each day they change and look a little different so ensure you capture some of those memories that will be so hard to remember without photographs!
Sorry - August fully booked
Limited spaces for September now available!