Do not disturb is my motto as a baby photographer

As a baby photographer I very much believe in 'do not disturb' a sleeping baby!

When I arrived at this little baby girl's home to do her shoot, she was fast asleep.  Her mum worried about it and said she probably wake up very soon.  Goodness me - worry not I said,  I will just creep around her and get some fab pics of her sleeping and then when she wakes up we will get some more!

I never rush a baby shoot.  I work around you and your baby - I never, ever wake babies up!  Gosh, I know only too well that baby's sleep and your peace is far too precious to disturb!  So let's go with the flow and get those pics of baby sleeping first and waking last if that's how baby wants to play it! :)

Anyway how cute does this lovely baby girl look - I just love it when they throw their arms up in a deep sleep ......  gorgeous! :)

And when she did wake up she was in such a lovely mood we ended up with some stunning shots - will share those later!

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