Tips for Newborn Baby Photography at Home

Often when I am on newborn shoots, a mum will ask me how to take photos of her baby after I have gone!  So I thought I would share a few tips for newborn baby photography at home.

KNOW YOUR CAMERA – before you begin, get to know your camera and what all the buttons mean.

DECLUTTER - remove anything that is in the background that you don’t want in your pictures.

UP CLOSE - get closer to your baby – don’t always try and get all of baby in the picture.  Most compact cameras have a macro button (usually a little flower on the dial) try to get close enough to get details of hands, feet, fingers, toes and cute lips.

CAMERA SHAKE - brace yourself against a wall or lean on the back of a chair to steady you if you feel you are unable to hold the camera still.

EXPRESSIONS – take them all, the yawns, screwed up eyes and windy smiles!

LIGHT - ‘photography is the art of writing with light’ Gerardo Suter Find the room with the most window light.

SHOOT – take shots from different angles, up high, down low and include special toys and blankets for special pictures for those people who bought presents.

PRINTS - Remember to get the best images printed!  Don’t use your computer as an image graveyard!  Grandmas and Grandads, Aunts and Uncles still love to have a picture of baby on show not just in an online gallery!

ENJOY!  Enjoy your baby and take plenty of pictures at each stage of your new baby’s life.

PROFESSIONAL - If you would like a professional lesson - give me a call and I will come along and shoot and show you the best way of capturing your newborn baby.  It doesn't always have to be technical!