Did Santa Claus come early to Winchester ...

Well, did Santa Claus come early to Winchester?  

A person who had similarities was sighted in St Peter's - they had a huge sack and very large bags and was seen striding across the middle of the car park?

No, no there are obvious clues that this person was not Father Christmas!  For goodness sake!  To start with there was no beard!  The large sack was brown not red and actually it was a bean bag!  And the bags were not full of toys, they were full of fluffy blankets!  It was little old me, just a humble newborn baby photographer trying to get to her next job! (whew!  could have been a bit scary if hoards of children had started following!)

A new baby girl had arrived two weeks earlier and her mum had arranged for me to go along and take some photos at her home.

Her home just happened to be right in the middle of the town.   
The car park was very close by but I can tell you that I am sure it still looked very strange when I got out of my car and proceeded across the middle of said car park with all my baby props!

Ah well all in a day's work! 

Baby Santa having a nap!
 And all worth it too as such a sweet, sweet baby girl!

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