A Christmas Newborn Shoot

A Christmas newborn shoot just added a little magic to my year!
This cute little two week old baby girl was dressed up in Christmas  outfits for photographs to send to friends and family on Xmas cards!

Bless her little heart, she was as good as gold - well that was until Mum put a Christmas Pudding hat and gloves on her and then the screams started!  Come on Mum, do I really want to look like a Christmas pudding (not one to show the boyfriend in years to come!)?  Consequently, a little calming influence was necessary from Mum before the shoot continued! Oh and the hat and mitts stayed on too!:) 

Ah and she seemed quite content in her red and white reindeer outfit!

I bring props along with me to your home to make life a little easier for a newborn shoot.  However, Mums more often than not want to use their own props, which is absolutely fine too!

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