Newborn Photography

Newborn photography certainly gives me a real feel good feeling and when I visited this lovely young lady at her home to take some photographs of her gorgeous three week old baby boy I certainly felt good!  What a little bundle of loveliness!

However, when I first arrived baby had something different in mind!  Posing for the photographs his mum wanted was not on the agenda as far as he was concerned!

This is just a preview of some of the lovely pictures from this new born photo session.  I have some lovely natural moments that mum shared with her baby too but will share those another time!

"More food please Mum!  If I give my sorry for myself look I think I will get my way! :)"
"Or maybe if I frown at this strange person with a big black thing in front of her face she will take pity on me!"

Well babies always have a way of getting around my heart strings and this little face certainly did that!  I suggested Mum go and top him up!

I always leave plenty of time for my new born baby photography!  I am so used to babies having their own routines I would much rather Mum and baby relax and chill and I always ensure we have time to do that.
"So with a full tummy maybe I will give them a little bit of my time" 
"Oi where has that person gone with the camera?"
"Oh she seems to be taking a picture of my feet?  Maybe that's important now as I suppose they will grow as big as my dad's later!"

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